She Fights For All Nations

Kali Reis grew up in a single-parent household in a poor neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. She was picked on growing up as a half black, half Native American girl, confused about her sexuality. Violence was a way of life, and she would often get into street fights.

“I really struggled with where I belonged. I was the gay, half-breed black girl. I just couldn’t find my footing, no matter which way I turned.”

Boxing saved her life. The second she stepped into the local gym, she knew this was where she belonged. She battled against all odds to win multiple World Titles and fight in the first ever Pay-Per-View female boxing match on HBO, despite not having a manager or promoter for most of her career. Kali is a boxing powerhouse and now a Hollywood star on the rise, playing herself in the critically acclaimed drama Catch The Fair One.  

With full access to Kali’s life and career, our film captures the grueling trials she’s faced on her way to the top. We explore Kali’s role as a voice for marginalized communities. It illustrates her advocacy for Indigenous peoples, her stand against domestic violence, and her efforts to raise awareness about mental health issues in sport.

This is more than a sports documentary; it is a story of cultural pride, social justice, and resilience. It is a tribute to an extraordinary athlete and the path she blazed in the boxing world, inspiring countless others along the way.

Feature film. Currently in production, scheduled for release in 2024.

Directed by

Greg Hardes
Jacob Proud


Josh McKie
Tom Elliott